Accountability Culture

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Ask yourself how we as a community could better spend our Annual Budgets of $242 Million to attain the goals of keeping Victoria a vital vibrant City with reasonable services and add affordable housing, accompanied by affordable rates of Taxation.The answer lies in how well we manage what we have here in Victoria. We aren’t short of solutions!

Housing for Homeless, assisted housing for those who have special needs. Affordable accommodation for people living in Victoria whether they are workers or retirees people should not have to pay an arm & a leg for accommodations. These issues have been front and center for several election cycles, we don’t have an Accountable Culture in City Hall.

Holding our Leaders Accountable in an open civil and democratic manner should be a key focus of our Democracy. Having the conversions that develop a clearer understanding of the issues we are dealing goes a long way towards developing the needed solutions. Let’s get past Public Relations style of Governing and create a more accountable culture around our local Democracy.

Bridging the growing divide of inequity will be a key factor to any successful vision for our City. To do this we will need to improve the effectiveness of our Democracy and exercise our Democratic Rights more often. I would advocate for further investments in Community Centers so they could further there interactions and engagements with their larger communities. By including the neighbourhood associations and some of the many other membership communities in Victoria¬† in inclusive and ongoing discussions about the Cities issues. I’m sure we could gauge the sentiments of our local democracy pretty quickly. It isn’t a lack of understanding of the issues in Victoria that has us treading water, it is the inaction of our Political Leaders. Holding them accountable and to task is the key factor, its time to get some action on our issues!