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Climate Change has risen to being a top issue in BC through the last Provincial Election.Even though the Carbon Tax has been locked in place since 2006. Parties still want to raise it and conflate many issues in BC with there contribution to the Green House Effect.  I was always a little skeptical because I understood Co2 is plant food and its near its record low, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t also be messing up the climate. I had to sit back and ponder what was going on in North America when Al Gore’s team started sharing the fears of a coming Mass Extinction because of Co2? They shared a history of Co2 levels devoid of any other facts & inferred we were coming up to a new extinction event.









Searching for Context to explain how our lives were in danger from near record low levels of co2 for being too high, I found there was plenty of information that they were leaving out. Co2 is still near it record low of about 172 ppm (parts per million) set in the last 800,000 years which were Earth’s lowest levels ever. The levels were so low that life on land including that of plants & animals were within 30 ppm of ending 8 times during this period. We have more now which is good for the planet, but its being marketed as dangerous? The Extinction events of the past had real reasons for happening, levels of Co2 was not one. The reason for most past Extinction Events and Co2 hikes was Super Volcanoes, sure they raise Co2 but they also emit huge amounts of Sulfur Dioxide which creates acid rain and by ejecting loads of particle mass that creates long term darkness by blocking Sunlight. The Past Extinction events were caused by months of acid rain and darkness, the levels of plant food were irrelevant! Yet this illusion is still being pushed on Canada. Pay careful attention to the first line in this Discovery Channel expose on Co2?

I expect way better from Discovery Channel. We can’t be threatened from plant food from both lower limits and Upper limits with such a short difference in range? If C02 went down by 255 that is the lower limit all the Media in North America are inferring its dangerous already at 405 and deadlier if it gets much higher? So Al Gore wants us all to believe we live on a Planet that is very sensitive to plant food. We all perish at 150 ppm because plants die, we bounced over this line coming very close to ending 8 times! This is established understanding from years of observations and analysis, real science! But, now we are told we are in danger from Co2 being too high? Its 233 ppm above its record low and 255 ppm above end of life for plants & animals on land. Ocean life would be fine. Notice how in the video they used the NASA data of past levels but didn’t shared any context as to the low extreme life isn’t capable of surviving below? The only context shared was rate of change? Too fast for what? Plants nope, animals, nope! What then?










As you can see Geological evidence backs up what I’ve shared about Co2 levels. The first graph shows the historical levels of Co2 evidenced by fossils of seas shells and other layers of sedimentary deposits on land & in the Oceans. Its even endorsed by the alarmist camp because they uses to reference the high points.  Ice cores have also preserved aspects of our past that science has been able to unlock insight as to what our past may have looked like. You may notice this next graphs is full of information while Al Gore’s information is usually just about one parameter, Co2. The middle graph shows Dust spiking in times of low Co2 indicates the plants are not covering the soil as much & it is becoming susceptible to wind erosion raising it up into the air. It is well established science that most plants die around 150 ppm, Farmers have been adding up to 1500 ppm Co2 to their Green Houses for decades to gain better Crop yields, experiments show more Co2 equals better growth. The 3rd graph shows there is no correlation between Co2 and Earth’s Temperature.










Here we have evidence of a Greening Planet, better crop yields and faster growing everything. I know this is not what you have been hearing from main stream media. They won the right to lie to Canadians in the 90’s and have been serving Corporate greed by delivering half truths & misinformation to Canadians since then. Fake News is the polar opposite of a free Press and without a Free Press Democracy is in peril, as if you can’t reflect on the truth you can’t add to democratic process with certainty? Not a good situation for the residents of Victoria.

Take some time to digest what I’ve shared, there will be more! Questions are encouraged! SteveFilipovic at hotmailcom!