Sea Level Rise

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Sea Level rise is a trend 110 year old recorded by Tide gauges in Victoria, no change in trend.

This means Climate isn’t changing, its trending upwards slowly, ancient Greeks called these times Optimums. Its a similar story from most tide gauges all over the world, except for the ones going down. The biggest shifts of sea levels going down are caused by the Northern Regions rebounding upwards because of the lack of weight of the Major Glaciers during that last deep freeze of ice age just 18,000 years ago. This is part of the reason the Atlantic coast line is subsiding faster than avg from Florida to Rhode Island, as the continent shifts upwards in Ontario & Quebec the East coast of the States is tilting deeper into the sea giving them above avg sea level rise. Plenty of the Scandinavian countries are rising out of the sea as well because of Glaciers that melted 18,000 years ago are gone, it takes a while for the Earths crust to shift back.

One of the most rising coastlines is Tofino!They are gaining 13 Centimeters a Century! We are so close to them but going down because of tectonic shifts our island is tilting, we are below global avg for Sea level rise. The important thing to notice is the trend, there is no change in trend anywhere meaning Co2 isn’t causing any change to Climate. Below is a Video of many data sets from around the world showing Sea Level trends are unchanging, that is not to say they aren’t changing, its to say the trend in change is stable & loner lived than the rise in Co2. Here is a link to NOAA America’s National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration where you can find Global tide gauge results you can check for yourself to see that they are accurately portrayed in the Video. Since the Oceans are the primary absorber of the Sun’s energy and the largest source of warmth for the atmosphere it defines the Climate we are in. Since the trend in change is stable this indicates the stories about Co2 are exaggerated for political purposes.

The burden of Leadership is knowing. I wouldn’t spend any money from Victoria Budgets on Climate change with out much better evidence as to why we should.