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Accountability Culture is a concept that needs further developing, this needs to be done by the community. The idea is that with the correct and complete information most people will come to similar conclusions regarding an issue.  It could be thought of as reinventing good reporting about the issues we face. The main challenge is in how keep the integrity of our knowledge base intact with it our ability to be democratic intact.

In today’s Fake News world factual context is missing by design. This leads to confusion within our society & makes us vulnerable to the large well funded Corporate  campaigns that dominate our Democracy. As we’ve seen recently with the BC Provincial Election, Parties influenced by Big Money Campaign on issues they have no intention of following through on. They use polls to see what people are concerned about then stay in front of those movements over taking grass root organizers and co-opting their numbers easily because of their powerful reach. They say the ‘right things’ at the right times, then after they have secured a position in Government its back to business as usual. Pushing ahead with Site C Dam despite all the evidence & proceeding with Fracking up BC despite all its expensive downfalls & lack of Revenues are great examples of this. Indeed every election in past decades has resulted in a similar stalemate for change.

At the City level the stalemate is in how we treat those suffering from poverty, in 2008 the Street Community won a Charter case against the City proving the services were unreasonable and we still have people living in our parks so that means the services are still unreasonable. Its been ten years, what have they been doing? And Affordability is another a top issue in Victoria for over 30 years with very little done about it, both in the cost of accommodation and the ever increasing Taxes laid down on Victorians.