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Today’s climate is continuing on a warming trend called an Optimum that is about 300 years old, it started from the time known as the little ice age, with the Maunder Minimum being the tail end. The Late 1600’s were very cold times. It hasn’t been warming the whole time, there was the spell in the late 1800’s known as the Dalton Minimum and more recently during the early 70’s there was a cold spell. At the time IPCC scientists suggested we were in for an ice age, but we weren’t. Now they say we are over heating the planet, because near record low levels of Co2 are now too high, while we’ve warmed 1.5 since that earlier cold period. There is too much ridiculousness with climate alarm.

This didn’t stop City Council from penning a letter to over 20 Major Oil Companies threatening them for compensation for Climate damage? What damage? What evidence is there Co2 at 120 ppm (parts per million) more than before is too much? Groups like 350 dot org don’t answer questions very well, they say 350 ppm is best, but 350 ppm is only 200 ppm above death for land plants & animals. We’d need some strong evidence for us to keep Co2 at these levels would we not?

In the Rhodes Island court case against big Oil sea level rise is cited as being the Oil Industries fault, its going up 2.7 mm a year there and its been trending like that for over 100 years. That is higher than the Global average, but its attributed to the fact the Canadian Shield is still rising from having had lost all its ice from the melted Glaciers of 18,000 years ago, this is changing the angle that Rhode Island is on causing it sink a bit faster. On the other side you should look to see how fast Churchill Manitoba is rising out of the sea. All this indicates Co2 isn’t doing near as much as its implied.

The Worlds Oceans show us a steady trend in rise where its rising and in a steady trend in falls where its falling, these trends are over 100 years old and show no sign of change because of Co2. Victoria’s Sea Level rise is 0.6 mm/yr, its been a steady trend like that for 110 years. Follow the link on Oceans and see NOAA data base that shows tide gauge graphs from all over the world.