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My name is Steve Filipovic, I am a Small Business Owner in West Victoria where I live with my partner Leah & our two daughters. With their support I have entered the race for Victoria City Councillor. This is not my first run.

Our Campaign in 2008 won the Monday endorsement for Mayor because of my progressive understanding of the issues outlined in the Charter Case the City had just lost for its treatment of those most affected by Poverty in Victoria. It was in this campaign we offered the idea of using City Investment Budgets which are Publicly owned, for investments in Housing, shifting Renters to Owners would benefit this community tremendously. There was also the brave stand we took to demand we stop Policing Poverty because its not illegal and Police are expensive assets in our City who would rather be doing something else to be sure. Better Services and Orders from the City will equal better results for everybody in the City. For these reasons and more our small money campaigns have been confidently raising concerns in our community!

I have been a member of an Advisory Board working with the City addressing Poverty. The board met for a year & half. The City didn’t respond well to our ideas. Statuesque isn’t an accident.  I have also been involved with many committees within the grassroots, Earthwalk Victoria, Vic Indy Media, Together Against Poverty Society, and the Committee to End Homelessness. I have also been active in the Green Party, running as a hopeful MLA in Vic-Hillside in 2005 and have been a regional rep for the Provincial Party and have been a Board Member for the Federal Greens Victoria EDA, in my last run for civic office our small money campaign earned 3856 votes. Thank you Victoria!

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